Do you need real estate financing? This is what you need to know

It can hardly come as a surprise that not all banks are eager to help you with real estate financing. Of course, the situation has improved somewhat compared to a few years ago, but banks are still reluctant. All the more reason for you to have your own affairs and reputation in good order when applying for financing.

To what extent does your reputation on the internet really matter? Last Friday I was able to attend the Award Ceremony in the Conservatorium Hotel of White Canvas® for the fifth consecutive year. It was no coincidence that many big real estate people were present again. Cor van Zadelhof presented the Award to Wouter Bos. People often ask me what is important for obtaining convenient real estate financing. In my opinion, two things are of great importance here:

  • Reputation on the internet

First of all, a lender always wonders who you are and what you have done in the past. This has everything to do with the risk profile for the lender in the case of possible financing. The internet is the ideal source to see if information can be found about you. Are there articles available about you or your company, are you perhaps bankrupt or have you ever been mentioned in articles or publications in the past? Or perhaps you have profiles on social media channels where information can be found? The internet remembers everything and this can work against you, whether the information is correct and/or complete or not.

By the way, it is not just about whether the lender might run a financial risk, we are also talking about a possible reputational risk if it becomes known that you are a customer of his. If there is a chance that this could reflect negatively on the reputation of the lender, it may also decide on that basis not to do business with you.

  • Experience in real estate

Secondly, the financier looks at the real estate experience of the applicant. Little risk will be taken here, so experience and a clean track record are very important.

It strikes me again and again that people who have a bad reputation on the internet always say to me, no, that doesn’t matter to me! It is of course fine that you are not bothered by it, or at least want to give that impression, but your potential financier thinks differently about this. It does matter!

1 chance for a first impression when applying for real estate financing

Let me be clear: you are allowed to make mistakes every now and then, but a completely clean sheet is also suspect. But be critical, the lender does form a first impression based on what he or she sees on Google. You have control over some of the information that can be found about your person and company. So make sure that your Linkedin profile matches what you say in the financing application. And yes, people always look at your company website and Facebook page.

In addition, there is a part that you have no control over because it has been put online by third parties. But fortunately here too, there are ways to ensure that your reputation is good online.

“The world we live in now is about speed and control, so regularly check how you are doing on the internet. And there are also specialists who can help you in the field of online reputation management. Do you have a stain? Try my detergent, it’s called ‘White Canvas’.

After all, you only have one chance for a first impression.