We finance real estate

Maximize your return, minimize your risk


You're seeking to refinance your real estate, either because your current loan isn't extended by your bank or you're interested in securing improved terms and conditions.

Novel Finance specializes in curating the most favorable interest rates and conditions in the market. Collaborating with over 100 diverse financing partners, including international banks, institutional investors, and private investors, we ensure you find the optimal refinancing solution.

Bridge financing

You've obtained real estate and aim to enhance its value before selling, or perhaps you need a temporary solution until more extended financing is accessible.

Enter bridge financing, or a bridge loan – the answer to your needs. With Novel Finance at your service, we expertly bridge the gap and tailor the ideal connection between your circumstances and the financier. Our approach is personal, swift, and tailored to address your unique situation.

Development financing

You aim to distribute development or construction costs across various phases of your project, ensuring the financial load for builders or real estate developers stays manageable.

Novel Finance is by your side, actively engaged throughout the construction process. We specialize in securing customized financing solutions, providing the essential capital to cover the expenses associated with constructing and developing your real estate project.


Consider Novel Finance as a seamless extension of your organization. We collaborate with financiers, either jointly or on your behalf, during negotiations. Our emphasis lies in crafting innovative solutions and delivering transparent outcomes.


Boasting over three decades of expertise, we possess an in-depth understanding of the real estate market. Our insight extends to the nuanced requirements of both real estate investors and financiers, enabling us to take precise and timely actions.

Return on investment

Through our global network, we guarantee access to the most favorable market conditions at all times. Our commitment is directed towards achieving optimal returns, emphasizing both favorable terms and efficient timelines.

100+ affiliated financiers
Active in 10+ countries
More than €2 billion of financing successfully secured


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