Investment financing

What is it

Investment financing is a long-term mortgage loan specifically designed for professional real estate investors who own two or more residential or commercial rental properties, or a combination thereof. This type of financing allows individuals (Box 3) and companies to purchase real estate as an investment and benefit from rental income and any increase in the value of the property over time. The relevant real estate object or real estate portfolio serves as collateral for the loan.

For whom

Real estate investors

What is the purpose

  • Refinancing of an existing commercially rented real estate portfolio under better conditions
  • Financing the purchase of new commercially rented real estate in order to generate more rental income and potential capital growth
  • To increase the potential return on a real estate investment (leverage)
  • Financing new purchases to add further diversification/mix to an existing real estate portfolio

Wat will be financed

  • Purchase of new real estate (object and/or land position)
  • Existing real estate (object and/or land position)

In which phase

  • Purchase phase
  • Refinancing
  • Phase after completion of a development

Financing partners of Novel Finance

  • Dutch and International banks
  • Specialist providers of rental mortgages (international)
  • Peer-to-peer & crowdfunding platforms
  • Private investors